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Concordia Voices Constitution

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Rehearsals are held on Sunday evenings from 18.45 until 21.00 in the Sanctuary of the United Reformed Church, 35 High Street Hampton Hilll, Middx TW12 1NB.

There are 3 bus routes: R70, R68 and 285 with the closest bus stop being Holly Road.

On average, there are seven rehearsals leading up to each concert.


Rehearsing in St James's Church

Future Events
Spring concert 2018
St Mary's, Twickenham; 10th March

AGM 7th January, St James's Church Hall, Hampton Hill.

14th, 21st & 28th January, 4th, 11th and 25th February and 4th March, with no rehearsal on 18th February. All in the Sanctuary of the United Reformed Church, 35 High Street Hampton Hilll, Middx TW12 1NB.

William Petter: Lord's Prayer, and St Magnus Mass
Parry: I Was Glad
Tippett: Five Spirituals from 'A Child of Our Time'
Poulenc: Gloria

Summer concert 2018
St John the Divine, Richmond; 30th June

6th, 13th and 20th May, 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th June

Winter concert 2018
St John the Divine, Richmond; 24th November

7th, 14th, 21st and 28th October, 4th, 11th and 18th November

Members Music List
This is a list of the music you will be expected to have in your own library (ie it won’t be hired by the librarian). If you are new, you don’t have to get it all straight away (!) but you will be required to have access to the music if and when it is programmed… if in doubt, do ask!

European Sacred Music OUP
Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems OUP
Noel Faber
Carols for Choirs 1, 2 and 3 Oxford
English Romantic Partsongs OUP
English Pastoral Partsongs OUP

Sheet Music:
Three Latin Motets op 38 Stanford Boosey & Hawkes
Love Divine Goodall Faber
I am the Day Dove Peters
Seek him that Maketh the Seven Stars Dove Faber
Four Motets Duruflé Durand
Absolon my Son Rathbone Peters
Silent Night arr Paul Ayres (from Charles)
Purcell’s Funeral Sentences Paul Ayres (from Charles)
A New Song MacMillan Boosey & Hawkes
Messe Sollenelle Hakim UMP
Missa Assumpta est Maria Palestrina Chester
Early one Morning
O Waly, Waly
arr Salter  

Presentation Guidelines
Following much discussion about how we present ourselves the general consensus seemed to be that as we are improving musically it would be a good idea to pay a bit more attention to our presentation so that we look as well as sound the part!

The following are some suggestions we would like to adopt – as you will see in some cases we have outlined an ideal but accept that this may not be achievable/practical for everybody and /or in every circumstance. The idea is that we have a common understanding of what we are aiming for and each do the best we can!

Dress Code for Concerts

DJs, white shirts and black bow ties (in summer, depending on weather, may dispense with jackets but please bring them anyway just in case)
Dark shoes and socks

Long black skirt or trousers (or short with black tights/stockings!)
Black top with long sleeves (in winter) or short sleeves/sleeveless (in summer but no vest tops please)
Dark shoes/boots (preferably black)
Discreet jewellery and no coloured scarves/belts etc
Black cardigan/jacket or long sleeved top as well in case needed

Dress Code for Services
Suit, light shirt and tie (preferably not too bright!) (in summer, depending on weather, may dispense with jackets but please bring them anyway just in case)

Summery dress preferably not too strappy
Cardigan/jacket or long sleeved top as well in case needed

Ideally we should ‘go on’ with only our music ie no bags/water bottles etc. Whenever possible we will arrange to have a safe place to leave stuff of a ‘minder’ or two to look after bags etc but it would be helpful if you could leave valuables at home/in hotel safes as much as possible and get into the habit of using/bringing a small plain black bag to use if we can’t cater for valuables. If you really must have water please try to put it in position before we process on so that you don’t have to carry it with you and please drink it discreetly – you don’t see professional choristers swigging water between numbers!

Ideally we should all have our music in order in a folder prior to going on so that we don’t have to shuffle through bits of paper during the performance. It would also be preferable to have all music with you throughout the performance to avoid having to retrieve pieces from the floor or from where you were sitting.

Obviously there are some barriers to this ideal. The programme is subject to change (even during the performance as we experienced in Brussels!). Several pieces may be from the same book. Carrying all the music may be heavy. However a bit of forward planning and some photocopying could help a lot and we are working on the folders.

The way we get on and off (and to and from our singing positions if these are different from where we are sitting) can have a big impact on our ‘professionalism’. Obviously we can not have a standard solution as all venues are different so we will look at each one as we get to it and decide what is best.